3rd Annual Avon Communications Awards

In recognition of International Women's Day, the Avon Foundation for Women awarded five global organizations with the 3rd Avon Communications Awards: Speaking Out About Violence Against Women for their outstanding work to bring attention to the need to end violence against women. The awards are part of the Avon Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program, which has donated nearly $58 million globally to end violence against women since its launch in 2004.

An international panel of judges selected the winning campaigns from 870 communications submitted to the Communications X-Change by 303 organizations in 78 countries. The X-Change, a digital global communications library funded by the Avon Foundation and managed by Futures Without Violence, enables organizations and advocates throughout the world to find, share, and learn from the best communications material focused on ending violence against women and children. The winning organizations, which will each receive a $5,000 US Avon Foundation grant to fund the continuation of their work, are:

Innovative Campaign Award

The Innovative Campaign Award recognizes innovative and original approaches to presenting messages about ending violence against women and girls through the best information technology, including mobile technology.

Winner: SafetiPin (India)
Communication medium: Mobile Application

SafetiPin is a mobile application that seeks to provide useful information and is a safety tool for women in Indian cities. The app can be used to conduct or view safety audits and its website adds a level of interactivity for its users. SafetiPin was promoted in an advertising campaign with a leading daily newspaper in India.

Break The Silence Award

The Break the Silence Award recognizes communications campaigns that effectively encourage people to step in to help or speak out against violence against women to promote a shift in attitudes or practices at the individual, family or community level.

Winner: The NW Network of Bisexual, Trans, Lesbian and Gay Survivors of Abuse (USA)
Communication medium: Poster

The campaign, “Friends Help Friends Survive,” utilized pop culture and humor in a visual way to engage friends and families, and aimed to boldly change the way society talks about domestic violence in the LGBT community.

Community Change Award

The Community Change Award recognizes campaigns on ending violence against women and girls that involve the participation of both women and men, or girls and boys, to develop solutions to violence and discrimination against women and girls.

Winner: Instituto Promundo (Brazil)
Communication medium: Children's Book

Vento no Rosto is a children's book created by Instituto Promundo in collaboration with 12 boys and girls between the ages of 6 and 13 years old from the community of Maré, Rio de Janeiro. The project aims to give a voice to children on how they think they could be better educated without the use of violence. The book is tailored to children and youth and uses simple language on how to use respect with others.

Outstanding Government Communication Award

The X-Change Award for Outstanding Government Communication recognizes a Government or its responsible Ministry or Department, whether national, regional or local, for communications efforts and campaigns to end violence against women and girls. It highlights the essential role that Governments play to end discrimination and violence against women and girls.

Winner: Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) (Australia)
Communication medium: Booklet

“Sex, Love and Other Stuff” is booklet for young men ages 14 to 20 that discusses sex, relationships, power and respect. The booklet includes information on how to give and get respect, how to communicate with a partner or someone you’re interested in, and a checklist to figure out how respectful a relationship is.

Global Award For Excellence In Communication

The Global Award for Excellence in Communication recognizes a campaign from an international NGO in the violence against women arena that is global, multi-year, and creates approaches and messages that may be easily adapted in other countries.

Winner: Association of Women for Action and Research (AWARE) (Singapore)
Communication medium:Social media, mobile application and video

“We Can!” is a people-to-people campaign that works through Change Makers, individuals who commit to taking steps in their own lives to end violence. It is a multi-faceted campaign aimed at raising awareness on gender-based violence from different perspectives. It uses "overheard" conversations in an apartment building against generally accepted misconceptions.