Ideas For Your Fundraiser

Hosting your own fundraiser can be as simple as having a yard sale or as exciting as hosting a concert, golf tournament or other big event. The options are endless. The key is to find an event or activity that you are passionate about and that you think your friends, family and colleagues will support. Here are some ideas to get you started.*

Athletic Event

Commit to a fun run, bike ride, or other athletic activity and use it as an opportunity to raise funds for the Avon Foundation for Women.

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Approach friends, family, local businesses to donate auction items that you sell to the highest bidder through a silent auction or raffle.

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Casual Day At Work

Coordinate a day/week/month when colleagues can make a donation in order to dress casually.

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Bake Sale

Host a bake sale at work, your church, or other gathering place. Or use your baking talents to make cookies, cupcakes, or other treats that you wrap and sell as gifts for Valentine’s Day, Christmas, or other holidays.

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Cocktail Event

Host a wine tasting or cocktail party at your home, a local bar, restaurant or wine shop. Please drink responsibly.

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Be Creative

The only limit is your imagination. Throw a car wash, yard sale, pancake breakfast, dinner party, ice cream social, and more.

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*Note: We encourage participants to be creative with their fundraising, but some states have restrictions regarding certain fundraising efforts. Please check with your local authorities to ensure you are in compliance with the regulations in your area. For example, participants cannot fundraise in Massachusetts by holding raffles and poker tournaments.