11th Annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, D.C. Raises $4.5 Million

More Than 2,000 Women and Men Join Together to Participate in the 39.3-mile Walk 10 Local Breast Cancer Organizations Receive Grants

Washington, D.C., May 5, 2013 – The 11th annual Avon Walk for Breast Cancer season continued with the Avon Walk in Washington, D.C.  this weekend, raising $4.5 million to advance access to care and funding breast cancer prevention and treatment research. The Avon Walk Washington, D.C. attracted 2,000 participants from 40 states and Washington, D.C., as well as the Cayman Islands and the United Kingdom. Additionally, 290 breast cancer survivors and 302 men joined together to raise life-saving funds and awareness for breast cancer.

During the Closing Ceremony at the Washington Monument Grounds, Sally Masri of Falls Church, VA, a one-year breast cancer survivor, emotionally shared her battle with a rare type of breast cancer with fellow Avon Walkers, Crew, family and friends.

“Even though recurrence is a bigger risk with my type of cancer, I know how lucky I am and I see the silver linings of my experience. I’m a better, more patient person who doesn’t take anything for granted,” said Masri. “My kids have developed a different level of compassion and understanding of how complicated and precious life can be. In addition to all the blessings I discovered throughout my experience, I found the Avon Walk. I found a way to spread hope and to help people who don’t have what I’ve been lucky to have – good insurance, a support network or the ability to envision and believe in survival.”

Carol Kurzig, President of the Avon Foundation for Women, announced during the closing ceremony a total of $2.26 million in grants to ten local organizations, ensuring the funds raised immediately benefit the community. “These grants represent only a portion of the funding that the Avon Foundation will distribute in the D.C. area and across the country this year, but we want to make sure that the impact of this Walk begins today,” said Kurzig.

The following are the Washington D.C. grants announced at the Closing Ceremony:

  • Food & Friends received a $250,000 grant to assist with funding its Pink Ribbon Delivery Program that provides breast cancer patients and their families with specialized nutritional support and home delivered meals. Since 2001, the Avon Foundation has awarded Food & Friends $3.63 million to support the program, which delivered its one-millionth meal to a breast cancer patient this month.
  • A&G Pharmaceutical received a $300,000 research grant to assist in finding a serum biomarker for early detection of breast cancer and for use in association with routine screening mammography.
  • The George Washington University received a $150,000 research grant to assist with the development of a blood test for early detection of breast cancer.  
  • Johns Hopkins University’s Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center, home to an Avon Breast Cancer Center of Excellence, received a $750,000 grant to support the Avon Center and three research projects working to determine the causes of breast cancer and developing diagnostic tests to see who is at risk of developing breast cancer.  

The following six grants are part of the Avon Safety Net Hospital Program, which provides funding to projects that help more women access screening and treatment. The Safety Net Program funds more than 100 hospitals across the country through grants, providing access to screening, diagnostic services and breast cancer care for everyone, regardless of insurance or financial status. Safety Net grants included:

Additionally, five community organizations across the District and surrounding region will receive support in 2013 from the Avon Foundation through the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program. The following organizations work hard to ensure that women in at-risk populations know about, and have access to, regular breast cancer screenings:

  • African Wellness Center – Montgomery Village, MD
  • Arlington Free Clinic – Arlington, VA
  • Bon Secours Richmond Health Care Foundation – Richmond, VA
  • Neuva Vida – Washington, D.C.
  • Vietnamese Resettlement Association – Falls Church, VA

About the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, D.C.

The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Washington, D.C., the second of eight 2013 Avon Walks, began on Saturday, May 4 with an inspirational opening ceremony at the Washington Monument Grounds. Walkers began their journey of up to 26.2 miles on Saturday through the greater Washington, D.C. area, supported by an all-volunteer crew and cheered on by family, friends and supporters along the route. Participants spent the night at the Walk’s “Wellness Village“ at Meadowbrook Park, featuring pink two-person tents, hot showers, hot meals, entertainment, volunteer medical services, as well as leisure activities such as yoga and a spa zone with mini back and foot massages.

On Sunday, May 5 after completing the Avon Walk’s final 13.1 miles – for a total of up to 39.3 miles over the course of the weekend – participants joined family and friends to celebrate their achievement at a closing ceremony back at the Washington Monument Grounds. At the ceremony, the Avon Foundation awarded new grants to Maryland, Virginia and Washington, D.C. breast cancer organizations to ensure the funds raised immediately benefit the community. 

For more information on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer, visit www.avonwalk.org or call 888-541-WALK.  To learn more about the Avon Foundation for Women visit www.avonfoundation.org

Registration is open for women and men to take part in the remaining 2013 Avon Walks in the following cities:  Boston (May 18-19), Chicago (June 1-2), Santa Barbara (September 7-8), San Francisco (September 28-29), New York City (October 19-20), and Charlotte (October 26-27).

For more information on the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer or to donate, visit www.avonwalk.org or call 888-541-WALK.  To learn more about the Avon Foundation for Women visit www.avonfoundation.org


The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer thanks National Sponsors: Reebok and OtterBox, Local Sponsors: Capital Party Rentals, U-Haul and Ronald Reagan Building and Medical Sponsor: Johns Hopkins Medicine

REMEMBER, EARLY DETECTION HELPS SAVE LIVES.  Get a mammogram. Know your breasts and report any changes to your doctor.  Talk to your doctor about your risk.  And encourage women around you to do the same.  Don't forget, men can get breast cancer, too.

For breast cancer information and resources, visit avonfoundation.org.