Join Reese Witherspoon and the Avon Foundation for Women – Make a Difference in the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Witherspoon to participate in New York Avon Walk; urges "everyone to contribute in some way"


New York, NY, October 11, 2011 – Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a time of education, support and empowerment for breast cancer survivors, those battling the disease, and family members and friends who have been touched by breast cancer. Reese Witherspoon, Honorary Chairman of the Avon Foundation for Women, is partnering with the Avon Foundation to encourage everyone to get involved in the cause and make a difference in the fight against breast cancer.


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"There are more than 2 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, but we cannot forget that every three minutes there is a new diagnosis," said Reese Witherspoon. "Opportunities to get involved in the fight against breast cancer surround us in October and I urge everyone to contribute in some way. I'm excited to be participating in the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer in New York this October. Come out and join me or sign up for one of the other eight Avon Walks that take place throughout the year in different cities around the country."


The Avon Walk series is the largest fund-raising source of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade. Since its launch in 1992, Avon breast cancer programs in more than 50 countries have donated more than $700 million for research and advancing access to care. The Avon Foundation awards funding to beneficiaries ranging from leading cancer centers to community-based grassroots breast health programs. Avon Foundation funding has enabled more than 2.6 million women in the United States – particularly uninsured, under-insured and low income women – to receive mammograms and clinical breast exams.


Dr. Marc Hurlbert, Executive Director of the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade, said: "The Avon Foundation is funding promising research into what causes breast cancer and how we can prevent the disease. Our researchers are looking at the role of viruses, environmental exposures and other factors that might cause breast cancer so we can stop it before it starts; developing new tests for assessing risk and aiding in breast cancer diagnosis; and examining treatments for the most challenging forms of breast cancer."


Following are suggestions for how you can help yourself and others this October:



Pay Attention to Your Body
Being attentive to changes in your body is your first line of defense against breast cancer. According to research from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, early detection of the most common form of breast cancer has increased 10-year survival rates from 25% in 1950 to >75% in 2010. For more information on early detection, download the Avon Foundation's free Breast Health Resource guide in English or Spanish.


See the Doctor
Talk to your doctor about breast health and your breast cancer risk so you can make an informed decision about risk-reduction and early detection strategies. Experts recommend women begin yearly mammograms at age 40. Do not wait for your doctor to bring it up. Start the conversation and be proactive. Remember: early detection helps save lives!


Reduce the amount of alcohol you drink
Alcohol consumption increases breast cancer risk. If you choose to drink, do not drink every day of the week and do not have more than a glass or two of alcohol at a time.


Break a Sweat
Research has shown that exercise and maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the risk of breast cancer and breast-cancer related conditions such as Lymphedema. Find ways to integrate exercise into your daily life by joining a gym, taking the stairs or riding your bike to work. Or consider training for a long-distance fundraising event like the 39.3-mile, weekend-long Avon Walks for Breast Cancer. Sign up for one of the nine 2012 Avon Walks at Enter code 'WALK2' at checkout for a $10 registration discount. You can also follow the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer on Facebook and Twitter.



Join the Army
Participate in breast cancer research studies by signing up for the Love/Avon Army of Women, a program of the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation, funded by a grant from the Avon Foundation that is accelerating the pace of breast cancer research by engaging the public and speeding recruitment for studies. By joining the more than 350,000 people who have enlisted in the Army of Women, you will have the opportunity to take an active role in helping breast cancer researchers in their valuable work to end the disease. The Army of Women recruits healthy women of every age and ethnicity, as well as breast cancer survivors and women at high risk for the disease.


Get Your Pink On
Buying pink ribbon products raises valuable funds for the breast cancer cause; but ensure the products you purchase donate the majority of the proceeds to reputable charitable organizations. Products in the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade collection give back 100% of net profits to the Avon Foundation to fund breast cancer research and access to care. Be sure to check out the newest additions to the collection: the pink Crusade Denim Jacket ($45.00; a $27.07 donation) and the "Pink Power" Nailwear Pro Nail Enamel ($3.00; a $2.27 donation), available through an Avon Sales Representative or at


Donate on eBay
The next time you're bidding on eBay, you can donate any dollar amount to breast cancer organizations, including the Avon Foundation, when you check out on eBay using PayPal. Or you can sell on eBay and donate from 1 to 100 percent of your item's sale price and receive fee credits on basic eBay fees, equal to the percentage donated.


About the Avon Foundation for Women and Avon Breast Cancer Crusade
The Avon Foundation for Women, the world's largest corporate-affiliated philanthropy focused on issues that matter most to women, was founded in 1955 to improve the lives of women. Through 2010, Avon global philanthropy has donated more than $800 million in more than 50 countries for causes most important to women. Today, Avon philanthropy focuses its funding on breast cancer research and access to care through the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade -- which has donated more than $700 million for Avon-funded breast cancer programs in more than 50 countries – and efforts to reduce domestic and gender violence through its Speak Out Against Domestic Violence program. Avon also responds generously to provide support for relief and recovery efforts in times of major natural disasters and emergencies.


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