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Get quick answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding funding and grants, breast cancer and domestic violence programs, events and sponsorships, Avon opportunities, and more.

Funding &

What kinds of organizations do you fund? Can I apply for a grant?

The Avon Foundation for Women provides grants to organizations and institutions, predominantly 501(c)(3) or equivalent, in the areas outlined in our mission statement: breast cancer, domestic violence, and emergency disaster relief. The Avon Foundation lists every grant it issues in our online, searchable Grants database.

What kinds of organizations do you not fund?

The Avon Foundation does not provide grants to the following:

  • Individuals or programs that benefit specific individuals
  • Religious organizations
  • Political organizations, campaigns, or candidates
  • Personal fundraising or fees for special events (runs, walk-a-thons, etc.)
  • Individual medical researchers or practitioners except through a larger Avon Foundation funding program through an institution
  • Direct costs of patient care or treatment
  • Programs outside the U.S. except through special Avon Foundation initiatives
How do I apply to the Avon Foundation for funding?

The Avon Foundation employs a paperless application process. All applications must be submitted through the online grants submission system. Instructions, tutorials, and links to applications or letters of intent (in the case of a 2-stage application process) can be found in the Grants section of our website.

How are the breast cancer program grant recipients selected?

Applications are reviewed by the Avon Foundation Breast Cancer Crusade staff and an external scientific advisory board, who make recommendations to the Foundation’s board of directors. The scientific advisory board is comprised of a culturally and professionally diverse group of individuals. Its members are drawn from the breast cancer, social service, medical, and patient advocacy sectors. The Avon Foundation board of directors makes the final funding decisions.

My agency is based outside of the U.S. Can we apply for a grant?

In the United States, the Avon Foundation prioritizes and funds the work of U.S.-based agencies, or in selected cases, the global programs of U.S. nonprofits. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to consider direct grants to organizations outside the U.S. For more information on funding guidelines, please visit the Grants section of our website. Or, learn more about Avon global markets.

My agency is based in the U.S., but we work globally to end violence against women and girls. Can we apply for a grant?

The Avon Foundation for Women prioritizes and funds the work of U.S.-based agencies providing services in the U.S. Unfortunately, we do not have the resources to consider direct grants to organizations outside the U.S. or for U.S. agencies providing global services.

My agency has lost a majority of our state funding, and we need immediate help. Can we apply for a grant?

Please visit the Grants section of our website to see if any grants are currently available. The Avon Foundation’s current domestic violence funding falls into several categories. Our small grants program supports domestic violence agencies located in Avon regional locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and provides funds for shelter and critical emergency services. Our second program, m.powerment by mark, funds agencies that are addressing the alarming and growing rates of violence experienced by young women and teens. The Foundation also issues Requests for Proposals targeted toward specific funding priorities and programs. These RFPs are listed on our website as they become available, often on an annual basis.

I am a victim of domestic abuse. Can I apply for a grant or scholarship?

Although we would like to help you, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Avon Foundation is not able to provide financial assistance to any individual for any reason. This is due to Internal Revenue Service (IRS) guidelines.

I have been diagnosed with breast cancer and require financial support. Can I receive funding?

Although we would like to help you, as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the Avon Foundation is not able to provide financial assistance to any individual for any reason. Rather, the Foundation makes grants to nonprofit organizations that increase their ability to provide high-quality care to medically underserved populations and support scientific research looking to determine what causes breast cancer and ways to prevent the disease. We also fund a number of programs through which people with breast cancer may find services. To learn more about Avon Foundation-funded programs, please visit the Avon Breast Health Outreach Program website. You may also visit the website for CancerCare, an Avon Foundation-supported program that provides limited financial assistance for transportation to and from treatment and childcare/eldercare for those undergoing treatment.

I have another type of cancer or disease. Can I receive funding?

Although we would like to help you, the Avon Foundation raises awareness and funds for breast cancer and domestic violence, as well as for special projects in response to global disasters or emergencies. Unfortunately, as a result of those cause priorities, we must turn down all other requests for programs that fall outside our mission.


Breast Cancer

How can I participate in or donate to the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer?

Thank you for your interest and support! Please visit avonwalk.org to learn more.

I am looking for free or low-cost breast cancer screening services. Can you help?

The Avon Breast Health Outreach Program funds organizations nationwide that provide low- or no-cost breast cancer screening services. To access a list of funded programs, see the Avon BHOP's current grantees. If there are no Avon BHOP grantees near you, you can contact a local CDC Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program. Please visit the Centers for Disease Control to contact your state office, or find your local American Cancer Society (ACS) office by visiting www.cancer.org (click on "In Your Area").


Domestic Violence

My partner verbally abused or physically assaulted me. Can you help me?

Visit the National Domestic Violence Hotline or call 1-800-799-SAFE for immediate, confidential, individual local support and resources. The Avon Foundation for Women is not a direct service agency and cannot provide individual advice or resources.

I think my daughter/mother/friend/co-worker is a victim of abuse. How can I tell, and what can I do to help her?

The Avon Foundation’s Domestic Violence and Dating Abuse Resource Guide describes warning signs of abuse, and how you can help someone you suspect is being abused.

I want to “speak out” against domestic violence. What can I do to support this cause?

Please visit our Speak Out Against Domestic Violence page and see the “How to Get Involved” section.

Aren’t men also affected by domestic violence?

Although the Avon Foundation’s mission is to help women and their families, and statistics show that most victims of domestic violence are women, the Avon Foundation recognizes that women and men of any age, race, or economic level can be victims. We strive to end all relationship abuse.


Events &

Can you sponsor my event, meeting, or corporate function?

Unfortunately sponsorships fall outside of the scope of Avon Foundation philanthropy. We have limited funds and receive many requests of this nature. Because the Avon Foundation’s mission is focused on the issues of breast cancer and domestic violence, the large number of requests we receive from many worthwhile organizations exceeds our budget, and we cannot accommodate all of them. This is by no means a reflection on the quality or value of so many of the requests we must turn down. The Avon Foundation distributes funds primarily through grants.

I have a product idea and would like to partner with the Avon Foundation. How can I submit my idea?

Please visit our Sponsorship and Co-Venture page for corporate partnership guidelines and submission details.

Can you donate a gift basket or Avon products for my fundraising event?

The Avon Foundation is not able to provide product donations. However, we are pleased to suggest the following options:

  • Through a partnership with Feed the Children, Avon products are made available to qualified nonprofit organizations that offer services and programs to improve the lives of women and their families, and intend to use the donated products for use in direct service — not for fundraising purposes. For more information or to register to receive a product contribution, visit www.feedthechildren.org and their “become a partner agency” page.
  • For a larger donation, you may want to contact Good360, a leading philanthropy nonprofit organization that helps the Avon Foundation deliver our vision to support women, their families, and the needy in local communities. Visit www.good360.org for more information.
Can I start a Domestic Violence Walk in my city?

Unfortunately, we cannot support startup walk fundraising events. Because of our trademark, no event can be named or called an "Avon Walk," nor can any other event or activity use "Avon" in its name in any way.


Avon Foundation For Women &
Avon Products, Inc. Opportunities

How can I apply for a scholarship or other educational funding?

Please visit the scholarship pages for Avon Representatives or Avon Associates to learn more about the programs we offer to these groups and their families. You may also contact us.

How can I submit my resume for a job at the Avon Foundation for Women?

Unfortunately, we do not have any openings within the Avon Foundation at the moment. However, we would be happy for you to send us a resume and letter of interest that we can keep on file in the event that a position does become available.

Please send any materials to:
The Avon Foundation for Women
777 Third Avenue
New York, NY 10017
Attn: Job Inquiry

You may also visit www.avoncareers.com to view all available positions within Avon Products, Inc.

How can I become an Avon Representative?

Please visit the Avon Products, Inc. website to learn more about direct selling with Avon.

How can I become a model for Avon?

All our brochure models are professionals who are found through outside agencies. We use model and talent agencies for insurance purposes and book local talent in the New York City area because we do not allow for travel expenses. On rare occasions, we use Avon Representatives in print ads; this selection process is also done through agencies. The Avon Shop website offers more information about becoming a model.