The Avon Foundation has created a Global Advisory Board to support its commitment to helping save lives through awareness and education about gender-based violence.  The new Advisory Board brings together leading experts from around the world to partner with the Avon Foundation by offering insight on key issues and advising on how best to deliver key goals of the Avon Promise to Help End Violence Against Women and Girls:

  1. Encourage the Conversation
    • We’ll use our global voice to shed light on the many forms of violence against women and girls and discuss what needs to change in order to end it.
  2. Provide Information
    • We’ll make sure that everyone we work with – our network of Representatives, employees, customers and partners – has the knowledge and information they need to recognize and respond to violence safely and on their own terms. We’ll ensure they know what support is available and how to access these resources so they can make informed choices.
  3. Improve Support
    • People can only speak out and make change if they feel supported when they do. We’ll work with local organizations to ensure women and girls have access to the support they need. And we’ll convene global leaders and change makers to help make sure women and girls are understood, supported and fairly treated when they seek help or report abuse.

Countries represented on the Advisory Board include Argentina, Brazil, Philippines, Romania, Russia, South Africa, United Kingdom and United States.

Global Lead

Cindy Dyer
Vice President of Human Rights 
Vital Voices Global Partnership


Natalia Gherardi
Executive Director
Equipo Latinoamericano de Justicia y Género


Samira Bueno
Executive Director
Fórum Brasileiro de Segurança Pública


Sheena A. Alesna
Retained Lawyer
Gender Watch Against Violence and Exploitation, Inc.


Mihaela Mangu-Dârvariu
ANAIS Association


Marina Pisklakova-Parker
Chair of the Board
ANNA (Association No to Violence)

South Africa

Pumeza Mafani Luvuno
Director, Governance Transformation, Justice and Security
SA Department of Women

United Kingdom

Sandra Horley
Chief Executive Officer